trying to update at least once a month lol


i'll update this with my feelings and junk.

april 8, 2023

some form of the website is up, which feels really good! i might try for a more mobile friendly version in the future, but it will definitely be a little bit. for anyone visiting outside of my little friend group, hello! i have too many projects on my plate to reliably complete any of them, so we'll see what happens here. i finished up emotes for the channel, made some new intro stuff, and kinda/sorta finishing this feels nice. overall, productive last month or so for me. honestly, it's been entirely too much ;; especially with everything that's going on with sammy. we still haven't really figured out what's going on with the pubbo, so it's just been a stressful time. i'm thinking that might be why i've taken on so many things. i'm just keeping my brain occupied.
hopefully, i'll have a video up on the YT channel soon. probably not by the end of this month, but maybe the end of next month. i think that's my next big goal. anyway, i'ma go lay down now, bye lol